Friday, July 17, 2009

losing it

i just finished watching the SHOUT! award..which i accidentally tgk pon sbb mcm tgh channel surfing then "whoaaa ade shout! award laa.." i didn't actually watch it from the 1st lah..i was hoping dat i didn't missed the caprice perfomance but pfftt too late already missed it..hee..see,im losing it.

what i mean by losing it is,i am not what i used to be back not interested in these entertainment thingy sgt,tgk tv pon cm xde any favourite..i dun really know who my fav artist is n i dont give a damn about being the 1st to watch the new movies at the cinema..ouh n yeah,i don't even bother to google what megan fox is all about n knp dia mcm tgh hangat mnjadi topik pbualan skang ni -_-"(mayb coz i didn't even watched transformers yet?) yeah im turning into a boring fat ugly gal who knows nothing about the world.goshh..i hate d sound of dat :( i am not yet a medical student and yet i've lead a boring afraid i might get rebellious n suddenly wanted to hav all d fun when i started to stdy nnti..goshh then it would b very susah coz i know there wud be no concert or whaddahell anything fun pon kt mesir..haha..damn..

dunno whether its the mood swing,or i think dat life seems to hav no interest on i dun hav any interest on life? ehe..tak2..tah la..i got bored with everything dat i do..i need some boost up in life.i need to hav some adrenaline bleh x gi hospital mintk dia suntik adrenaline sket? ;p

know what,smbdy think dat i am a sensitive person.and too kind but too emo..haha..and i think he described me right.



ringo said...

ko g ruma jiran ko,pastu tikam perot die.
compem lps nh ko akn diselubungi perasan cuak je sentiase.
at least, x boring.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

goshhh rgga thanx 4 d advice..gile bgune dowww....hahahahaa..

siot do kau,mmbawe aku kpd kjhtn..dak2 dgree uitm mmg pangai cmni eh? ;p

leely said...

hahaahaha shial je ko rangga..

woohoo x sbr nak melawat baby br ko ;)