Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a new baby

there's a new baby in da auz..n its mine... aite? dis is actually a present from mama..she promised to buy me this 4 being accepted to the medical school..abah yg tlg bli kn...ehee..i am so not a professional,malah amat2 amateur n sgt xtau pape..d reason dat i asked 4 dis camera pon was actually bcoz i wanted to share it with mama..n bcoz,i wanted to share it with my ex..mase tu dia bf aku la kn..ehee..i know he likes to take pictures so i thought i could lend him my camera sementara aku stil lom gi mesir la..coz im bringing this baby to mesir..ehee..tapi tu lah,skang i juz wanted this for fun la kot..being able to take quality pictures smtimes makes me happy..i rmmbr carrying my bro's nikon d60 to a hotel where our family was having dinner..coincidentally there was a wedding at the hotel..pastu cm bile sume nmpk i was carrying d camera sume cm cover2 cun n ensem..padahal aku xnk amek pon gmbr dorg..hik3 ;p
i am suffering from a flu!! bukan swine flu eh..juz a normal one..thanx 2 d active n hectic life since cuti nih,kan da selsema! haha! tapi xpe,im getting a lot better da pon..ehee..
ouh,i think i need to change my specs..power cam da lari..xtau la tmbh ke kurg..tapi cm da pning2 sket..xtau la nk tuka d whole specs or just change the lens..coz i love the one im wearing rite now...tapi cam,nk gk carik yg len..heeeeeeee :D
pape getting fatter each and everyday..but i didn't make any effort pon nk kurus..wahahaha...! da gemok..! argghhhh...!! lantak la..bak kate smone "x kisah la gemok ke kurus,asalkan sihat.."..tapi aku x sihat weh,selsema ;p
dis saturday ade taklimat pnerbangan ke mesir yg di konvensyen pljr prubtn i'll be in UM the whole day! 9-5pm..goshh..n my dad he's not going with me from the morning sbb dia mls nk dgr all those motivasi thingy,he's just interested in the taklimat pnrbgn je..yela,he's 62 kot,he's d one who's more wualified to b giving d lectures my dad wud b joining at 1pm afterwards..*sigh*.. bored at hoping dat d flu will get cured faster,coz im hell bored just sitting at home..!
gtg now..later..!~


ringo said...

ko nh bgos la fazz.
nt dtg la ruma aku tngkp pic jamban ruma aku.
pstu bwat frame hang kt ruma ko.
ok x ;p
weh,selseme babi doh ko.
baek ko g cek.
siyes weh.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

shial aaa..jgn aa wehhh..aku takot kottttt...huk2

ringo said...

alaaa..tngkp pic jamban pon takott ke..

anp power rangers said...

ko selsema babi ke???
gi cek doktor weyhhh..
kt mesir babi2 nih die larang msok..
ur a student from gmn jgk ke??

fuzzyskuzzy said...

bongok r rangga..aku tkut selsema babi aaaaaa..

adeh..jgn r,mls r nk gi jmpe dokter..sok sehat aa nih..amin2.. ;p

hee..aah..dak bru gmn ;)