Wednesday, July 29, 2009

good mo(a)rning

my mind is not at best phase right kept rewinding n reminded me of my past love life,which,did not end up in a good way..

i dunno what came into me,but i just can't i switch on this laptop and went through sum files..n of coz,the pictures attract me most..n yah crazily i went on looking back at my exs' folders..

i just hate to see dat happy i am..the smile is just so sweeet (eceh prasan) but its true though..ikhlas gile my heart is jumping from all the happiness around me..the eyes r sparkling,d face glowing,the teeth shining..ceh.see how pwerful love can be..i can't rmmbr when is the last time i took pictures with that smile on my face..ouh and dat time,the confidence level was VERY high i can say..i always felt good with,i dun even like to take my own pictures da..i think i look like a monster.*sigh*

hate the fact dat im all alone right now,looking ugly n no one loves me..

ouh tpi,looking back at all those photos,found these interesting pictures weh..kire,ex2 aku ni kuang aja jgk..haha kidding! eh tapi x caye tgk ni :

ade ke patot bagi gmbr 'snonoh' cmni kt awek yg baek cam aku nih..hahahahha ;p [ muke dikaburkan utk mnjage maruah.eceh..sape yg knal tu,knal lah kn..eheee ]

smtimes i feels like it wud be better if we're not friends anymore..coz being friends with him makes me feel like he was so close,yet so far..he is there,but not for me..the fact dat hurt..i might get better if we're not frens at all.but,i dunno if i can do dat in d 1st place,its gonna b tough.real tough i mean.yes,i pray the best for him..but i know sooner or later he'll find another gal,n honestly i can't let that'ah..i can't bare to c him with another smone n not least plis not sooo not ready fer it.


its 4 in d morning n im still awake.n i think blogging ni da mcm aktiviti utame plak..asek2 update je,pdhal post bkn best pon.ehe..jiwe kacau beb.smlm hepy,arini nanges aa..standard ah tuh..if u get too happy today,careful,cuz u might cried ur heart out the next day..i've experienced dat like so fucking a lot..ceh bunyik cam aku tua gile siot.. -_-"

turning 21 in about 19days from now..yey!~ -_-"

mind d laguange..pagi2 cam ni gua lalok sket beb. ;p


Anonymous said...

cian glew mke dier kne cntg ngn ko!

fuzzyskuzzy said...

alaa oke la tu kne conteng..x conteng kang cm mncalarkn maruah..lgi trok ;p ;p

ringo said...

ala mcm aku xknl jek ko tutup2.
die kuang aja cm aku gk nmpk nye.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

tu lah rgga..aku mgm sng tpikat kt org2 cm ko nih *wink2*

[ mei..ampon..guraw jekkk ;p ]

dollie roxy said...

alah,conteng2 pon bley taw ah sape y tjuk f..k.hihi
haha.ape nih ampon2.xde2 ;p

fuzzyskuzzy said...

alaaa meiii....hehehehe ;p