Wednesday, February 1, 2012

farewell mansoura!

after a full semester of loyally being with u, finally gonna leave mansoura for a bit.finally my time to have my winter break moment. a sweet escape. hewhewhew. i hope everything will went fine. going to a place with a currently -10celcius temperature is scaring the shit out of me, seriously. an Egypt weather of 6 celcius has made my brain froze, i dunno what a negative temp would do to me. hopefully i won't froze. lol. oh n yeah, im also worried that the temperature will ruin my camera. oh my baby, please please please don't get condensed or whatsoever. im planning to keep you as long as I can. xoxoxo.

this time it felt different. last year,im feeling kinda sad to leave mansoura...well this year, i just can't wait! hik3. i reaallyyyyy hope the trip will went well. pray for our safety throughout the journey yea? :)

where im heading? hee. later you'll know ^^ aahh can't wait to snap lots and lots of pictures!

btw this is a scheduled post. by the time this is posting, i was supposed to be inside the plane already.wee~~

see ya in another 6 days!

p/s: its a getaway. by the time i've finished holiday-ing, i hope i can forget you completely. :)

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