Thursday, February 16, 2012

cintaku tertinggal di Istanbul~

alhamdulillah, the journey went well!

my winter break escape to istanbul turkey was hell of a fun. and Istanbul is, MasyaAllah, so pretty! the country and yes,the people too are pretty. :3 can't help to feel overwhelmed by all the pretty faces surrounding me especially inside the tram. haha.. ok gatal. ;p

the best part of the trip is, we actually gain something. knowledge. and we actually get to know a bit on how Islam come to Istanbul, which is through Sultan Ahmet I...btw sedih sebenarnya to know the real situation in Turkey. like, they all know that they're actually a Muslim,but not many who r actually practicing it..and mostly because of the rules changed by Atarturk. one example, their working days are like Malaysia, monday to friday. so on friday during the friday prayers, if you work with the government, they won't let you to go out to the mosque and pray. because its working time and you have to work. people who work for themselves jer (like org yg bkak kedai or bisnes sendiri) is allowed to go for friday prayers. oh n one thing that i get from them is that, they r very honest! our tourist guide named Ahmad, he told us that most of Muslim in Turkey,they don't pray.......until they reach a certain age like 50 and above,only then " they start to search for jannah" -- his exact word. we were like, errrrrrrrr owkkaayyyhhhh.... >.<

so beside all the pretty places and the pretty faces, it was a knowledgable trip. plus, i love the company <3 walaupon kat kelas masing2 takdelah rapat sangat, but we get along very well in Istanbul. dan aku suka perasaan bercuti (well who doesn't)..terlupa sekejap dgn masalah dunia yg remeh temeh ni. huhu..

inside Aya Sofya, once a church then became a mosque

Bascilia Cistern, underground water reservoir. where Medusa's head is found hewhew

salah satu tiang yg ada medusa's head

the other one. now the qs is, y both of them is terbalik? :)

view from the Bosphorus Cruise

playing with the snow!! ^^ at Mount Uludag, Bursa. 4 hours journey from Istanbul

11 orang mansourians. <3 

k i've been delaying this post for too long. have to publish it now. maaf lah tak bercerita sepenuhnya mngenai turki. there's just too much to tell, you just have to experience it on ur own. cewah. hahaha. 

p/s: tetapkanlah hatiku ya Rabb.

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