Sunday, January 8, 2012

flaws and rawrs

i can never go a day without having my feet knocking down the chair.
or the door.
or whatever that's in the way

i can never wash the dishes without having the water and the soap to splash onto my clothes.
even if i'm only washing a spoon.

i always misplaced my things. especially my cellphone.
the last time my friend found it inside my closet -.-

i'm clumsy in a way.
in many ways, yeah -.-

i have problems handling technologies.
they despise me in a way.

i have never been in a good relationship with a blender.
yes, a blender.
the worst is with a grinder. the smaller version of a blender.
i think we have like disagreement each time we 'met'.

i'm a typo queen.
can't write a full page without having a spelling error.

my nose go red when i'm cold.
my hand will be blue and cold like the ice.
cold weather is never a best friend to me.
but yea can't stand the heat either :-S

i have flaws, here and there.
i am imperfect.

but i wish you'll always see me as the perfect one.
well at least the perfect one for you :>

coz my imperfection will lose its flaws, by the presence of you. :>

please bare my imperfection, for i will do the same to you too.
and we'll be the perfect two. :3

hello future husband. this is for you. teheheheheeeeee.

the perfect couple. i miss you. :'>

p/s: imaginasi tinggi bila tengah malam.

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