Saturday, January 7, 2012


heyy this is only a quick update, which i should done a long time ago,but oh well. hello beoble! so how shall i start eh? hurm. ok this is hard, since im kinda having a writer's block right now. heh. ok, first go to this link :-

yeah the underline word is clickable. just click on the words and it'll bring you to where i wanted you to go :p okey so once u've seen the page, press LIKE. got it? ok now. go here pulak :-

dah belum,ok now click LIKE again! jyeahh! i've submitted a photo for the happiness photo contest! wehoo. my first time ever submitting a picture for a contest. heee.

so the real reason i am submitting this is not really to win (habislah can kau paz..muahaha) but to gain experience. :) saja nak rasa macam mana masuk competition. nak tengok bape ramai strangers nak like gambar kita. hihi. by the way i always think that all this "you-have-to-have-the-most-like-to-win" contest is somehow a popularity contest. which, for sure lah aku tak menang weyh sebab tak cukup popular kannn hihi tapiiii..let me tell you a story about how and why i choose this picture ok? :)

so, mula2, it was a friend of mine, she's the one who's entering the contest. n she asked us to like her picture. pastu dia mcm "korang nk join pon boleh!"...somehow terus rasa nak join :3 tapi tulah. actually most of my pictures, i left it at home. dad's, picisan2 adelah dalam laptop nih. terpikir la jugak, nk letak gmbr apelah kn..huhu..

mulalah proses menggodek folder. mula2 i was thinking of an easy win - gambar budak2..especially cute ones,pipi labuh2,kulit montel gebu bagai.hahahaa..tapi, i don't have any pics liddat. almaklumlah, rumah bujang :3 so i think about the title - HAPPINESS. kegembiraan. so i rewind my memories to what has make me happy. igt nk letak gmbr volley,tapi my friend tu dah ltak gambar sports cancel volley..pikir2 lagi, and i remembered my winter break trip.. :3 godeh2 gambar,mmg lah byk gambar2 happy..mula2 nak letak gambar kitorg lompat, but i don't want to be typical. sebab tgk pon dah ramai letak gmbr lompat2 kan..mcm tak best plak semua gambar sama je..scroll punya scroll..jumpa lah gambar tu..n the reason why i choose that pic is,at that time we were really having fun :) igt lagi,masa nak capture kat situ, we were like "ok smua buat2 mcm menang jugak mcm patung ni " n then everyone went "yeeeaaaahhhh!!!" :D:D:D so u see, the mood of the picture, that's what i called HAPPINESS :)

ok dah blur. end of story. lol. jadi pembaca sekalian, jemputlah like gambar saye yeeee ^__^ and likelah jugak mana2 gambar that you think deserve to wins. :)

later!~~ salam :)

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