Thursday, September 22, 2011

thoughts of faces

last weekend i went to Singapore. it was a bliss weekend. eventhough i hurt my leg by walking too much while carrying a heavy load, but i really enjoyed the trip. its the stress that i less interested in. lol. and yes.i think singapore is just too packed on weekend. they also sneeze and cough a lot, so don't blame me if i bring back a bit of virus with me. :-O

i did take pictures a lot during those 3 days..and i realized that, i realllly love to take pictures of people faces. especially random poses. because, a picture tells a thousand stories. example ;

see how many faces in here? i like this random kind of pictures coz it captures a lot of expression. and for me, each expression tells a different story.and for sure, each have their own thoughts in their mind.

ever wondered, at this hour, at this very second while u are reading this, what are the millions of people on the other side of the world doing? and in each blink of your eyes, what event has happen in the whole universe? yeah, i have this kind of thoughts in my mind. sometimes while i am having a good time, my mind stops for awhile n think of the less fortunate out there who can't have the same fun like me :( thinking this way actually help me to love my life a lot more, and thank Allah for His blessings. Alhamdulillah, for i still have a roof over my head for me to shelter on. Alhamdulillah for many things that i have in life. :)

p/s: i sometimes wonder what you think of me. coz i'm still thinking of you as a friend. i really miss you my friend. i hope ur doing fine, wherever you are. 

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