Monday, September 5, 2011

That sad moment when you can feel you and your best friend slowly drifting apart.

i've been through this moment quite a few times, sometimes i'm even afraid to be with a new friend coz i'm afraid it'll happen again.

its just so sad that,the one that u think would be with you till forever is suddenly changing into this whole new person and somehow,it feels like you've never know her/ more late night talking, no more texting, no more pillow talk moment,no more us.

i hate losing a friend,in whatever way..i just think all friends should be forever..but i think because i'm too afraid of losing,i sometimes tend to neglect the one who has always been there for the end,i always felt like this loser who has nobody besides her..

i have a lot to share with people,sometimes i feel like its a burden to carry all this by myself.but i can't find the person who can make me open up.who can somehow let me blurb whatever i want without me feeling like a silly sorry to my friends who have always been there for me but i seems to feel this way..i'm just not really me.i've lost myself somewhere..and i really hope my real self would come back soon.

and now the question is,is it really my best friend who is drifting away,or is it me?


Hamizan Nasir said...

cerita pasal ***** letteww :p tapi kan faz, aku perasan jugak, sesetengah orang suka cakap member dia dah sombong taknak contact, padahal dia sendiri pun takde pegi contact member dia tu. tapi aku tak cakap pasal kau lah. kalau jenis awek member kuat jeles tu lain cerita lah. kahkah

fuzzyskuzzy said...

hahaha manadaaaaaaaaa :p:p takdelah,in general lah ni..sebab aku rasa kwn2 aku mcm makin sikit plak.heh..tu la,kita asik ckp ooo kau diam je,tapi kita pon diam jugak..kita takde pon carik dia kan..huhu..

awek kuat jeles tu apa pon tak boleh han! :p

Ridzuwan Mohd Jais said...

ko la faz da sombong ngan aku mentang2 la aku x duduk bangi da. grrr....