Sunday, July 24, 2011

entry from the heart

there are a few things in life, that we can't,or the most appropriate word,we refuse to find the cure..for example,ur having a toothache. because ur 3rd molar is sprouting. there's actually nothing we can do about it. because like it or not, the teeth will come out eventually. yes, u can apply bonjela to ease the pain, yes, u can take panadol too. but still, the pain will still be there. and all you ever wanted is, someone who could understand the pain, and make you feel better deep inside. someone who knows what to say, or what to do, and even make drinks for you. all of the things that, wasn't really the cure like bonjela or pandaol, but its just something we need. love.

and that kind of love, can be only given by a mom.

i miss you mama. al-fatihah.

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