Thursday, June 30, 2011

a delayed hurray! :p

its been awhile..heee..

so,i have already finished my exam on the 21st..yey! and now waiting eagerly *EAGER habisss* for the result...which,i dunno when will be out but hopefully before 3rd of july..if not,sia2 lah amik tiket 3 july. T__T the exam went,hurm,okay i guess..but still have to crossed my fingers and hopes that the doctors will consider my 'goreng-an' answer..i did a lot of frying u know. >.< gaaahh feel scared just by thinking of it..moving ooonnn~~

so y does it take so long for me to update this blog? because right afeter my exam, i was busy training for basketball match with alex..hee.i was only a sub player,but yeah it was fun..mansoura team had take a great lead but then on the last 2 frames everyone is just so tired and alex won by 4 points. fair game though, alex was kinda cool :):)

2 days after that, my housemates and i went to cairo,and did some shopping at hussein and asfour..asfour is a famous place we go to buy crystals..which is,comparing to other part of the world might be the cheapest one available,like seriously..its cheap and pretty... :D but if u want to buy those big lamps and chandelier of coz its costy but knowing that its crystal,its worth a buy.rasa macam nak membuli bakal husband nk meminta lampu dari sni utk rumah akan datang.boleh tak? HAHA! ouh and hussein,is actually a place near the hussein mosque (It is named for the grandson of Muhammad SAWHusayn ibn Ali, whose head is believed by some to be buried on the grounds of the mosque) , khan el khalily is what the egyptian called it if im not mistaken..something like pasar malam at our place,but it sells those pretty souvenirs to be brought yeah its a tourist spot, bila pergi the sellers wud go like " harga runtuh, harga gila, harga murah " haha but i rmmbrd last semester we went there n there's this one person go shouting confidently " HARGA MAHAL GILA " agagaga..pity him..i wonder who's responsible for that :p

after cairo,went back to mansoura feeling as flat as i could be. penat ya ampunnn! so for the past few days im just sitting in my bed laze around watch movies and basically that's all i've been up to..hahaha..see, im a very busy person. :p

btw,3 more days left for my journey home, will be ariving at KLIA at 4th of july in the morning. yeay! can't wait to be hoommeee..but at the same time, im kinda missing mansoura a bit,hee..the feeling everytime before my summer break..hurmm.. :-S

thats it. gonna write more soon.taa~

p/s: i feel bad for what i have done to you recently, but its a spontaneous act. i'm sorry for not saying a single word to you, i'm sorry for not even lifting my head to look at your face. it hurts so bad, i'm afraid i might burst into tears, or worse, screaming and being mad again at you. 

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