Sunday, June 5, 2011

hello my date!

lets go to Pavillion..
we have lunch at Madam Kwan's..then we'll watch movies..after the movie,we'll go and have a walk..window shopping or maybe actually buy something..and hey,that shirt looks good on you :) then we'll get tired from all the walk..lets go to baskin robbins..we'll ordered fondue..haha,of coz,have our picture,LOTS of pictures.we'll talk about the movies we just handsome the hero would pretty the heroin is..we'll laugh at the jokes,we'll be making memories. :) its late,we have to head home,or else we'd be stuck in the jam..and we leave with happy thoughts in mind,and have a pleasant dream of us together later that night. :D

lets go to Mid Valley..
we'll have brunch at sushi king! and we would be grabbing at each other's funny. :D we'll have a look at the pet shop,and i'd annoyed you with my whinning on how cute everything is,but you wouldn't'll just smile :) we'd go to the cinemas,but there's no fun movies are we'll go bowling instead..we will play 3 games..hey,i won 1 of it okay! the other 2 games that you won are just'll laugh at my bowling shoes coz its funny..i'll laugh at u when u throw ur ball..because u look a cute way of coz. ;p ouh we had so much fun! lets go inside the arcade..ouh this has always been ur favourite,u and games :) then we'll just walk..and u would help me choose which necklace is prettier at Diva..its evening..lets go to delicious..we ordered cakes..and we shared them together..i'd eat one big piece and you would tease me of being fat..grrr..we talked, we laughed, we smiled. :D and then its time to go we wish that time has not been gone that fast...

lets go anywhere..
coz anywhere would be fun,as long we're together. <3

p/s: tunggang terbalik dah grammar..gaaahhh!

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