Monday, May 2, 2011


ever wondered what kind of superheroes u would be if u were one? some might choose to be superman, with the ability to fly to help those in needs..some prefer to fight in groups like ninja turtles.some might need a sidekick like batman and robin..n others want to be heroes to the one that they love like spiderman is. :) if i am a superhero, i wanted to be like ninja turtles just because i think they're so friggin cute! :p  * i like the yellow oneeeee :D:D*

now,how about having a superpower? sure we had some thoughts about it in our mind..but of coz we know,its impossible to have one..but berangan is one thing u know ;p i've always always ALWAYSSS dream of having the one that this PIPER in charmed have! the ability to freeze people and time! haha! omg.u wouldn't imagine what i would do with those thing okay..i might do something as crazy as the " falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg " video clip (go youtube it please ;p) or EVEN CRAZIERRRRR!! hihihihi...ouh and prue,the big sister,can move things just by swaying her hands..okay those i wanted during my lazy days..ability to see future? scary to see at most of the times but i admit that there are times that i wanted to know what would happen next.heh..

oh and of course,one thing that i hope it existed.PINTU SUKA HATI from doraemon! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..imagine how easy things would be if i have that door with me..the ability to go anywhere u have in mind,at anytime u wanted to..all u have to do is think hard enough about where u wanted to be and open the door and WALLA,UR THERE!!!! sumpah jimat duit dow.takyah beli tiket plane blk july ni.balik skrg pon saye boleh ok kawan2 >.<

but of course,all of this are pure imagination..something that we want to ease our life and we wish we had but will never have..we are human beings,created in this earth to live the ease and the hard ones too..not just the ease one..but sure fun to imagined ourselves being a suerhero saving lives..LOL..just dont imagine pople wearing red underwear outside a bright blue suit going to fly by ur window tonight lah kan.HAHA okay scary.mlm ni tutup tingkap >.<

p/s: i know i'm invisible..that's why you keep ignoring me. :) no hard feeling taken. :)


nanae said...

hahaha nice! i feel ya. and yes, me also nak mcm what piper have!!! aaa dulu xpernah miss cerita charmed. and again yes, i wish pintu suka hati doremon exist!!! hahaha adeh.

nice post btw :D

fuzzyskuzzy said...

tenkiu nanae! :):) hahaha kaann? sape tak suka pintu suka hati tu.haisshh..ouh sep2! piper best! wpon dia mcm kelam kabut sket dlm cite tu tapi ttp suka dia! ^__^