Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hari progressive saye ;p

oke sebenarnya dah berapa hari dah,bukak je tab blogger...tapi,end up writing nothing.haha :p

last saturday,was a hectic day! ade EE or early experience,where us the medical students got to go to the hospital and meet up with patients.tapi sebenarnya takdelah gempak mana pon kan cuma rasa gedik sikitlah dapat masuk hospital,blaja dalam hospital usually the EE is done at another hospital but this time it is at the cardiology department at the specialized medical hospital..i am surprised dat it was actually quite a nice place! better than the other hospital,like,waaaayyyyyyyyy better! but still la the hospital here is incomparable with our hospital ceceyy okay bangge jadi rakyat malaysia *sambil kembang kempiskan hidung*

alang-alang dah cerita pasal malaysia,tahniah malaysia for winning the football!! :):) good to know that malaysian football has improved this much! ouh and about those fights,ignore jelahhh....we know that we are wayyyy better than that kan? :)

ouh tak abes cerita lagi,after that EE,pergi GMN Centre for the 1st event of POSED..POSED is a club where it teaches us how to relate to public,like,having the confidence to talk in front of people and all lah ( eh betul ke ni kuchai? betul la kot en.haha ) and the event went well...isi perbincangan pon menarik..mostly pasal public speaking la,what to do before giving speech n how to build up those confidence..tapi rasanya yg dtg tu kbyknnye adelah orang2 yg mmg dah awesome pulak..cey nk ckp aku awesome lah kan.hahaha..tak2..aku cuma awesome SELEPAS attend the event.hehe..yg lain2 tu lah.they hav all the confidence. :) the best thing abt the event is after event diorang belanja pizza!!! haha..jadi kawan2,marilah datang ke event POSED mnanti wahahaha

habis je POSED kat istad ade basketball,netball and also rugby match btween alexandria and mansoura..which,i didn't went to ANY of it.sebab,malam tu,serious migrain and terus tidur kot..huhuhu..rase mcm rugilah tak dpt amik gmbr org main rugby but then takpelah kan tgk je gmbr2 org lain amek..nice is one sexy sports u know.muahaha. ;p

ape lagi? i've created a tumblr acc,which i dunno y and im in doubt dat those acc is gonna be active for pon tak update selalu kan! haha..ouh do u know about the lookbook? serious aku suka gila.and adore gila..dah lama rasa mcm 'eh nak join lah' tapi smpai skarang tak join2 sebab i dun hav dat confidence jus YET.hee..tgklah winter break nnti :D

winter break plak dah plan nak pergi hurghada! hope i can shop 1st before pkai duit,melancong pon pkai duit..warrggghhhh.....

eh okey sekarang tgh study weeklah saye sepatutnya study okay bye.

sebelum pergi mari tatap gambar ni,which is during volley tournament.ini lah jiran bawah rumah..ouh tapi sorang missing.hehe..sebenarnye takde la nk tnjuk jiran pon nak tunjuk winter coat baru jer hik2 okay bye2 ;p

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