Monday, May 10, 2010


though your not with me anymore, your presence still lingers here...and it will never go away.... :)

someone ask me this morning, " dah wish ur mom mother's day?"...i dunno how to react,so i asked her back and somehow manage to changed the topic....this is the first mother's day without her...i rmmbr the last mother'sday,i bought my mom a shawl...she likes it very it much and wear it to the office the next day.i was so pleased :)

all the mother's day wishes posted on FB,makes me misses my mom even more...i once wondered how i'd live without her in my life,and now i know how it feels..but hey,her smiles,her grace,her jokes,her laughs,and all her memories still lives with me...and will always be :) bcoz mama,ur a part of me.

happy mother's day to all the mothers...somehow words just cannot express how much we love you.

Mama saya cantik kan??? :D:D:D

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