Monday, August 13, 2012

take the chance, spread the love :D

imagine to stand in the crouching hot sun in the middle of the day, and have to shout to attract people's attention, in the fasting month. imagine having ur throat all dried up, even your tongue is dry, and you cannot drink until another 6++ hours. imagine having people to look at you weirdly, people just pass you by like you are not there, having people to stare at you like you're a mad person. yeah you can just imagine, but i've done that. yes, all for charity. :)

yesterday, i had the opportunity to join the street fund raising event by CHANCE! 2012..what we did was we were placed in a few different places around KL ( masjid jamek, sogo, klcc, pavillion, kl central just to name a few) to collect some fund for the unfortunate - main focus is to help the homeless people around KL..alhamdulillah, the amount that all of us has collect was beyond expectations. :D:D

i've never done such things before, and this is such a new experience for me. it was fun. it was tiring. it was something. ^^ one thing i will always remember now, is not to ignore those people who are doing the fund raising thing. its not an easy task. the least we can do is to smile. you don't know how much a smile can worth to people like them.

overall i had fun! more charity event please!! hehe \^^/

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