Thursday, August 9, 2012

i just knew that...

i haven't done my reading in such a loonng time, either leisure reading, or even more my studies. heh. seeing a friend of mine bought a book for him has driven me to bought myself something too.

and, i came across a book called,

" Oh, I thought I was the only one" by Kopi Soh.

i read the first 3 pages and i felt a pang on my cheek. i got slapped, hard. this book is like describing my life man! who are you, are you stalking me? but then yeah, hello, read the title again please. so i reaaalllyyy thought i was the only one. haha.

im not going to give you a full review of the book, since i've only read half of it, but still eager to write this post yes, anyhooooo i just wanted to share you what i've experienced after reading only half of the book: 

1) yes, you are not alone. although you feel like the universe will never understand how you feels, no one can feel as bad as you are right now, blablabla, no, you are not alone. you share the same problem with half of the world. so stop thinking that you have been isolated in this world.

2) i just realized that, i have personality disorder. thanks to this book, yes, remember the pang i felt on my cheek, yeah the pang told me that i have personality disorder. well i've always thought i am in this one kind of depression phase but i never thought that it's actually a disorder. hahahahahaha ok thanks bye.

so yeah, though i haven't finish reading the whole thing yet, i definitely have fall in love with this book :) 

at the end of the book, written:

" writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia -E.L Doctorow"

see? now i'm a schizophrenic. LOL

p/s: its been awhile since we last talked. since i last look at you in the eyes. i used to be so mad at you. now i'm not so sure anymore. one thing for sure, IMY.

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