Friday, October 7, 2011

reality strikes

and so here i am, mansoura, zhoriff street. 2nd home. :)

as much as i love to wasting time on the internet, on youtube, and on random blogs, all those activites have to be reduced due to classes,and my responsibility as a student. it feels like a burden now being a student, but im pretty sure i'll be missing my student life more than ever when i started to work later.

most of my friends are graduating already, congratulations. envy, yes. and my 6th year seniors who are mostly my age, is on their final year of medical school. much enviness. but hey, im here too. im just 3 years late, and over that 3 years i have not wasted my life, i learned a lot of things, and i did have my scroll of diploma. so yeah, grateful, that's how i should feel. :)

1st day of class was, okay. :) but the environment is kinda different. maybe its just me, or maybe its true, that friends are drifting apart from me. naah. things will get better later. aight? hope so.

everyday waking up in a different bed. now that's a real reality strikes. wake up dear self. ur on ur own now. and u r here on a mission. to become a good doctor. 3 more years, insyaAllah.


deep said...

bangun bangun bangun! jangan nak feling2 malaysia lagi, hehe.

lagi 3taun jek nak jadik doktor!! yay!!! dulu jeles sekarang da xjeles sebab keje doktor stress sangatttt. hehe

lavenderlover said...

it will be okay later..yeah, time fly so fast kan..kejap jer dr jd junior 1st year now dah 3rd year senior..hehe..jia you! lets strive harder for the best,k!