Friday, October 21, 2011

no. i'm not alone

i am clumsy. i admit it. i can't live a day in the house without accidentally trip while walking, or bump my shoulder to the wall,or kick myself with whatever thing in front of me.

but i have never been this clumsy in many years..................i dropped my phone inside a taxi yesterday.a brand new phone which i just used for a month..i haven't even had the time to copied all my contacts inside it its gone.

a friend said "satu benda yang kita sayang hilang, InsyaAllah Allah akan beri lagi banyak kebaikan dan benda yang berguna pada kita." insyaAllah.bila aku rasa handphone tu dapat dekatkan hubungan aku dengan kawan-kawan dekat malaysia, and somehow benda tu memang ye, and sekarang benda tu dah hilang. sumpah rasa sedih gila. tapi Allah kan memang suka uji hamba Dia, dan ujian itu tanda Dia sayang kita kan? alhamdulillah. aku terima ujian ni....with Your guidance Allah, i pray that i will never be lost.

and when friends are too busy for you, remember Allah will ALWAYS be there.


nazirule ideham said...

sabar ok faz hehe

fuzzyskuzzy said...

perlu sangat hehe kat belakang tu..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *tembak naz dari jauh*