Monday, April 18, 2011


HAHA tajuk nak mengundang penampar je kan.i'm sorry for the not updated blog for like,a month..ok wow.lama tu..main reason - LAPTOP ROSAK..yess,my 5 years old laptop has decided to shut itself down (with the help of viruses) and making my life miserable..4 weeks of PBL i have to WRITE my objectives..terasa rajin sangat okay.lantak lah tulisan buruk ke hape,janji keje siap ye dok? ;p

and so,things are pretty good around here..basically all i did was going to class and back from class..misi menjadi skema separuh berjaya.haha..yelah kalau betul2 skema result kene gempak sekali kan.hee..i have mid term exam this 26th of april//and my final exam would be on people,wait for me to come hommmeeee!!~~ :D ouh and fyi,egypt is getting hotter,the weather i mean.haiya..yesterday was 39 celcius hokehhh.memang rasa macam kene bakor.kite bakor jer!! hee..

okey i am so having a writers block right now -__-" but then just an update,im fine over here thank you very much.the hot weather is making me a bit cranky but other than that everything is just fine..ada masalah jiwa,tapi macam takpe la bila masa je aku takde masalah jiwa kan haha..mana tak masalah kalau asik topik kawen je org nak cerita sekarang ni.korang igt aku tak stress ke.memang tak stress,sebab tu semalam jumpa uban dekat atas kepala ni kan >.< zzzzzzzzzzzz

i've noticed something,since i dun have a laptop and the only thing that entertain me much this days is my ipod,i realize that women and men,they have different ways in overcome a situation,specifically a break up.taktau nak explain macam mana,tapi kalau lelaki punya lagu,they seem to sing more about their good days together and all..tapi perempuan macam salu nak mengungkit,tak puas hati,pastu pura2 okay but from the lyrics itself we know she's just trying to console herself.heh.okay ni MAJORITY of the songs jerlah tak semua okay.and yeah i didn't check whether the songs are written by a men or women,tapi mcm tulah ceritanya okey dah malas nak elaborate okbai ;p

p/s: my diary is working out fine. :)

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