Thursday, August 19, 2010

my 'happy' birthday. erk.

yeaayy I'm now officially 22 years old! woot woot!

in case u guys are wondering how i celebrate my bday,well actually i celebrated it with lots of visits to the toilet and humongous pain in the stomach and trully fully dehydrated body! haha.yes.i fell sick on dat day.very irony.its diarrhea,nausea and followed by a fever.uhuk..i was in a pretty bad condition,i even felt like fainting in the bathroom because i lost too much water. >.< andddd for that,i have to cancel the plan of berbuka puasa with my friends.and i have to force the delicious baskin robbin's cake that sab n lily bought for me into my stomach and can't enjoy the deliciousness bcoz of the yeah,weehoo for me. T_T

but,i don't mind.bnda nak jadi kan.lagipon,dapat handphone nokia e72 dengan jam swatch idaman dengan tudung putih pon dah kira best dah hahahahahahaahhaahha bye


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