Friday, June 12, 2009



buat mama ku tersayang, FARIDAH BINTI ABDULLAH..the superb mum n bestfriends!

born on 12th february 1952 in penang,and past away on 9th june 2009 bcoz of lung n blood infection..

there's juz too many things about her to summary,she is the best mum in the one can ever replace her place..very pretty n genius she is..somehow,we share many same traits..n fot that,i promise to stdy well n be a doctor,n make her the proudest mum of all... ;)

i love you forever,i'll never stop to pray for your happiness up there in heaven insyaallah..amin... ;)


deep said...

ko saba ea weh
sume org ade bahagian masing2.
ko pon genius macam mak ko.
nnt ko da jadik doktor, aku cop ko jadik famili doktor

leely said...

yup2..sume leh p kat faz ble die da jd tu best..

always prays 4 ur mum ;p

fuzzyskuzzy said...

sume nk free then how to make money :(

dollie roxy said...

b strong,k.
remember dat,evrything hppen for reason :)

iLLsTIn18 said...

1952...ur mum was just a month older than my mum's..kuat kan smngt k kak faz..

fuzzyskuzzy said...

oke..take good care of ur mom yer abg ill! ;)