Monday, June 29, 2009

6 months

ahh..yess..finally im writing on this topic..

it started on one night in UKM..we hav our classes,n as usual,after class,we're heading outside to donate our blood to the hungry mosquitoes that has been craving for more n more n moreeeee blood each n everyday..ehe..i was sooooooooooo starving,but the cafe was closed alredy..damn..kt unikop dlu 2 pagi pon mek bkak lgi :( i went to the kdai kecik kt tepi tu n bought milo n dorayaki..after that,i head to the usual place..

i saw my fren,who's crying while talking through her other fren is hugging her,trying to comfort her,but the gal is actually has a bit of smile on the face..hrm..i sat down..n let her finish on the phone 1st..and yes,as i had expected,she had just broke up with her bf..i just knew it from the look on the face..yeah,i had dat face on me 6 times..the bf is cheating on her,been giving hints all d time but she didn't get it,until she sings a song to him dat finally made him realize dat he shud hav told her the truth..[ baru nk sedar ke..*sigh* ] u know wat,i recognize her situation so damn clearly..n somehow,she is sad,but not entirely breaking down if u really know wat i mean..well,i told her dat,deep inside she was actually had been expecting this to happen..she agrees ;)

n then we talk about our past rltionship with ex bf,blablabla,ngumpat2 sket..ehee..pastu cm,terbukak satu topik..i told her dat from my experience,my longest relationship was only 6 months..n it went hawali(lebih kurang) mcm ni:

1st month - bunge2 cinte
2nd month - da mule nk gadow
3rd month - asik x puas ati dan mcm2 lgi
4th month - da oke balik
5th month - pkataan paling kurang aja tu da stat kua.. B O S A N
6th month - they call it hoo..

haihh..cmni la..pastu,ade one guy ni,cam gile stuju with my own theory tu..haha..well it varies on every person,but 4 me,its like that..ehe..pastu cm dtg one brilliant idea,utk mase dpn yg cerah..selain drp xyah kapel kawen trus,satu gi cara terbaekk ialah,dissapeared on the 6th month! haha! kire cm,tetibe ilang on the 6 month..u must b missing 4 d whole month to apply dis method..after one month,u come back! n now,in the record u r 7 months with him if he wants to call it off pun,u've reached a new record! yeayy! hahah! giler dow..but,tempting gk..nk try? ;p neways,it's just a talk cheer my fren up.ouh n yeah utk yg bkenaan,dun wory im not revealing any names here ;)

i pity my fren,but i assure u gal,u'll find much better person..he doesn't deserve to have all d people out there,honesty is d best policy..god,i don't how many times i've written things on the honesty thingy..sbb ssseriously i do think it is important in relationship..not just the boy-gal r/ship but it applies on friends too..sbg contoh:

" if u don't want to go out with me,then just say so..plis stop giving excuses yg sbenanye x btol not asking u out on a date pon,just to keep the relationship alive..n pliss,i dun only invite u..i do this to ALL of my friends n not only u..if u think dat u r soo special to me,well baby,u hav to rmmbr dat we're just friends now..i treat my friends exactly d same k..pliz stop confusing me.. "

hee..dialog di atas applies to,erm,sesape jelah..kalo anda trase,mungkin anda lah tuh ;)..bukn utk breaking the relationship ke ape,tpi im straightening things up..coz i already hav so many things in my mind to b settled n i dun need any unnecessary confusing rlationship especially with my dear friends..did i get that clear? ;)

arinih mmg ari bebelan sedunia..panjang btol blog nih..hahaha..k lah,having my dinner..daa~~


ringo said...

life is a plain joke.
bcoz it is freakin funny.
n love is juz a cruel joke.
a cruel joke that fooled d most shrewd person.
juz laugh,
neva eva cry.

hawa mahirah said...


oo cenggitu ekk?

sry tak pernah ada seblum ni.. tp memahami la perasaan nya.. ^^

dollie roxy said...

single is me! :D