Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hey ya!

hello beoble (its people lah,im trying to sound like an egyptian there by using a B instead of P..hee) .im back! ;p

im fine,im good,im cool..i survived everything yeay!! i'll tell the whole story at a diff post okay..cuz im still waiting for my laptop to be with me again..ehh korang paham ek what story im going to talk about? its about the egypt demonstration and how i survived it.

sooo today,since i haven't write anything here for such a long time...i must admit that,im suffering from the writer's block..ahh yess..seriously i dunno wht to write,but there's this feeling deep down inside saying that ' fuzzy, you have to write something' and here i am,typing useless thing for u guys to read..tee hee hee :p

okay this is a serious block.i've been staring at the screen for God-knows-how-long and nothing come out..pfftt..watev..just letting u guys know that im still living here.thank you for all of ur concern. :)

p/s: winter break di Malaysia lagi..yeye je tanak balik.haihh Malaysia,u love me that much ha? <3<3 ;p

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